Troforte M

Title: Troforte M
Episode: 8
Broadcast Date: 20/4/14
Presenter: Kim

Picking out fertilizers for specific plant types can by tricky-it’s important to remember not all plants are the same, and not all will benefit from being fed exactly the same formulations.  Troforte M produces a wide range of specialist plant food types, and Kim has a look at what they can do for your garden.

  • Fruit trees require a specific balance of the macro elements; potassium for flowering and strengthening, prosperous for root development and nitrogen for growth. They also need smaller but targeted amounts of trace elements such as manganese, zinc and copper.
  • If you fed a fruit tree with a high in nitrogen lawn fertilizer, your tree would become long and lanky, have paler leaves and not produce as much fruit. As such, when feeding your fruit trees, use a dedicated fruit fertilizer
  • The specially designed prills in Troforte M are coated in up to ninety natural minerals, beneficial microbes and fungi
  • Vegetables are short term crops and need a fertilizer that will keep pace with their quick growth
  • Roses, Camellias and Azaleas need potassium to improve their flower growth and quantity