Lo-Flo Sprinkler

Story Title: Lo-Flo Sprinkler  
Episode: Seven
TX Date: 5th November 2011
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Watering lawns is something that should be monitored by all homeowners. Kim test-drives a practical sprinkler that will leave your lawn looking lush all season.

Tips and Facts

  • Lo-Thro low spray angle technologies reduce water loss through evaporation and drift.
  • Unique low flow sprinkler head provides large coverage at low pressures.
  • Gradual application of water from low flow sprinkler head ensures deep soaking and no water wasted due to run off.
  • The Lo-Flo is a low flow sprinkler that uses only five liters of water per minute.

Featured Product

  • Lo-Flo Sprinkler.


Lo-Flo™ Sprinklers
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