Dripper Technology

Story Title: Dripper Technology
Episode: 5
Date: 25th September 2010
Presenter:  Neville Passmore

Neville shows you a system that is self-regulating and 'cheap as chips'

Terrain Pressure Compensation Technology and Dripline Pipe

  • Australian invented 'all terrain' drippers deliver a set amount of water to your plants regardless of the pressure in the line.
  • One major advantage of this system is that it allows you to automatically irrigate your garden from low pressure sources such as a rain water tank.
  • Not only is this system highly efficient it's as cheap, allowing you to employ poly pipe and standard 13mm fittings.
  • Not only are they self-flushing, self-regulating and able to resist root intrusion for underground positioning; but they represent the ultimate in anti siphoning so that water can't be sucked back into the line when the supply is turned off, pulling dirt with it to cause blockages
  • Utilizing the same concept in a highly sophisticated emitter, this brand new Techline AS pipe developed in Israel delivers the same amount of water to individual emitters in long runs, up hill or from a low pressure rain water tank


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