Tree Guru-How to layer with trees and shrubs

Title: Tree Guru-How to layer with trees and shrubs
Episode: 10
Broadcast Date: 4/5/14
Presenter: Wes Flemming

There are so many ways to approach creating and planting out a garden and one of Wes’ personal favorites is layering. Not only can you achieve year-round lushness by including a range of different trees, shrubs and grasses, but it can also work to hide unsightly spaces or features within the garden. Check out Wes’ tips for creating the perfect layered garden.

  • Start with larger trees, like the native lilly pilly or Waterhousea floribunda.
  • Then move on to medium sized trees that would offer seasonal interest and have less formal shapes; these will keep the garden feeling open and pretty without being too formal. Wes recommends Malus, or crab apples and a particularly great autumn plant is Golden Raindrops; it has tiny golden crab apples that are produced from summer into autumn.
  • Next try layering with shrubs, grasses and strapply plants. Go for varieties that offer year-round density, and introduce some drama with plants like the phormium tenax ‘All Black’, which is a striking dark purple.
  • Finally, finish off with ground covers like pratia or a creeping boobiella, these will ensure you keep the space alive and green from the ground up.