Salad Herbs and their benefits

Episode: 7
Title: Salad Herbs and their benefits
Broadcast: 4 October
Presenter: Brooke

When we think of salad, what often first comes to mind is lettuce, cumber and tomato but have you ever thought of adding something slightly more interesting to your plate? There are so many herbs that can not only add flavour and texture to your salads but they also add many health benefits too.

  • Some of Brooke’s favourite herbs to add to salads are rocket, watercress, and the delicious salad burnet. Rocket is perfect for adding to salads as it has a beautiful peppery flavour. The best variety to grow is one called wild rocket as it is fast growing and wont go straight to seed like some of the varieties on the market.
  • Rocket is now known as one of the super foods as it is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is also said to help our bodies detox from heavy metals and free radical damage. The other great thing about rocket is that you can grow it all year round and it will take full sun or shade.
  • Salad burnet is a little rarer on the herb front, and is pretty underused. It tastes like cucumber and it has beautiful fern like leaves, which look so dainty in salads. It’s a perennial too which means that it grows for years without having to replace it, so you get great value for money.
  • Watercress is another favourite and is becoming very popular in today’s herb gardens and restaurants and this is for good reason. It not only tastes great and is easy to grow, but it contains over 15 essential vitamins and minerals. In fact it has more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk and more vitamin C than oranges. So who wouldn’t want to add this to their salad.
  • Even though its called watercress, don’t be put off by thinking that you will have to grow it in water as it handles the garden and pots fine as long as its kept moist.

This story was filmed at Heronswood: