Tree Guru Talks Fruit Trees

Story Title: Tree Guru Talks Fruit Trees
Episode: Seven
Broadcast Date: 28th October 2012
Presenter: Melissa King

Melissa talks to our tree expert Wes Fleming about the different varieties of fruit trees to suit any sized garden.

Tree Guru's top picks

  • The 'Spicezee' Interspective Nectarine is a cross between a nectarine and a plum, with big burgundy fruit and a delicious white flesh. As well as producing amazing tasting fruit, the burgundy foliage and flowers will add colour and class to your garden.
  • Pixie Crunch and Crimson Crisp are easy-care apple tree varieties that are perfect for the organic gardener, as they're disease resistant and don't suffer from apple scab.
  • If you have a smaller garden or courtyard, growing dwarf varieties in pots is a great way to ensure you have edibles in a small space. The Trixzie tree varieties are compact and include pears, apples, nectarines, peach and a white and black dwarf cherry.
  • Just remember that, with dwarf varieties, the tree may be small but they will produce normal sized fruit!


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