My Garden-Jetto’s Patch

Title: My Garden-Jetto’s Patch
Episode: 3
Broadcast Date: 16/03/14
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Michelle and Dario Franzinelli share the trials, tribulations and triumphs from their High Wycombe garden on their facebook page-Jetto’s Patch. Trevor pays them a visit to see what they have been up to lately- make sure you check out their Facebook page to see it for yourself, and for some gardening inspiration!

From Garden…to Mouth!!!

  • Jetto’s Patch is a quarter acre block turned into a food production factory.
  • Michelle grows peanuts in her garden, and they are great for children to grow, too. Once you have harvested your peanuts, wash them doen, dry them out for a few weeks and they are ready to eat.
  • You can grow capers at home. It is a costal plant and provides great ground cover.
  • Lilli Pilli trees, or Chinese Apples, as Trevor calls them, produce sweet little fruits for up to five months that you can pick and eat on the go.
  • Tuscan Kale is also in abundance at Jetto’s Patch-it’s delicate flavor is great in salads, and great for your insides!!
  • If salad is not your thing, you can have the taste of ice-cream and avoid the calories by planting an Ice-cream Bean tree-just have a nibble on the white flesh inside the bean!