Solar Sustainability

Story Title: Solar Sustainability
Episode: Three
Broadcast Date: 6th April 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Are you sick of paying exorbitant energy bills? Well thanks to modern technologies there is a way to reduce rising costs. Power from solar panels on the roof of your house is certainly a great option but another is addressing the thing that uses the most energy in your home - hot water

Stealing from the Sun

  • Hot water is the single biggest contributor to energy costs inside the house and accounts for around 25% of the average Australian household power bill, which is why installing a solar hot water system makes sense
  • When choosing a Solar Water Heater, there are several options available. Thermosiphon roof-mounted tanks are Australian manufactured and use a double ceramic lining for durability and these are the systems Australians have been seeing on roofs for generations
  • Another option is the split system where collectors sitting on the roof heat the water, which is then pumped into a tank, which is discreetly positioned below out of general view
  • As well as freeing you from the fear of rising energy costs, Solar Water Heaters will also free the environment of up to 3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. That's the equivalent of taking a small car off the road

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