Rare and Unusual Edibles

Episode 4
Title: Rare and Unusual Edibles
Presenter: Trevor
Broadcast Date: 23/3/14

There are plenty of delicious fruits growing at Jetto’s Patch-some you might not expect to see growing in the Australian climate. Dario and Michele show us that the best fruit is fresh fruit, and there is no better way to get it than to grow it in your very own garden.

From Garden to Table

  • The philosophy of Jetto’s Patch is growing produce at home. It is all about going back to the old ways at the turn of the last century; working with nature to take control of the food your family eats and enjoys. Dario and Michele have taken control of their food supply and by using mother nature’s principles they are enjoying one of the most rewarding things a person can do; growing food at home.
  • Jetto’s patch is the classic quarter acre old fashioned Aussie block that many people grew up with. This was once covered with lawn and bit-by-bit Dario and Michele have transformed this garden in to something that's always interesting, always tasty and super healthy.
  • You can easily grow pineapples at home-just keep the top of the pineapple and plant it in the ground!
  • You can also enjoy a wide variety of other great fruits, like Michele’s favorite-the fig.
  • If you’d like to enjoy the wisdom, experiences and share the harvest with other like minded people, become friends with Dario and Michele’s Jetto’s Patch on Facebook.