Citrus Pruning

Title: Citrus Pruning
Episode: 6
Broadcast Date: 6/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

How’s your favorite citrus tree looking? At the moment some will be in fruit, and pruning and feeding is really important for more reasons than one. Trevor tackles a too-tall lemon and turns it from a towering mess into a fruitful beauty.

  • Lemons like this Eureka grow vigorously over the summer and produce a great autumn crop but all the growth heading skywards is a waste.
  • Pruning the tops out of a tree like this makes the world of different to the appearance and health of the tree.
  • Climbing ladders is one of the biggest causes of accidents and pruning your trees before they grow enormous will ensure you can stay on the ground when picking fruit.
  • Fiskars have been the pruning innovator for a long time; their easy reach pruners allow you to prune trees easily without leaving the ground, very important.
  • Shape your tree how you like, but it’s also good to aim to open the heart of the tree up by pruning out middle branches to let light in
  • One mistake people make is leaving pruning too late; it's a mistake because the tree has developed roots to support the strong growth, when cutting the branches hard, those roots keep pumping sap full of goodness up forcing new growth and often wild out of control growth.
  • Another trick with any pruning job is to support the trees recovery from the pruning; giving it a feed straight after is really important.
  • Remember different plants have different nutritional needs
  • Troforte also has 24 beneficial soil microbes in it which will help your soil as well. It's a very clever innovation and perfect for citrus and other fruit trees.