Transplanting Deciduous Trees

Story Title: Transplanting Deciduous Trees
Episode: Two
TX Date: 03rd September 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Almost every garden has a plant in the wrong spot and the solution is to move it. Trevor Cochrane shares his tips for successfully transplanting a tree that will do better in another place.

Tips and Facts

  • Try to minimise damage to the root system when transplanting the less damage, the faster your tree will recover.
  • Soak the tree's roots for 15 minutes in a seaweed extract. Seaweed, particularly kelp, has a high level of plant hormones and sea minerals which stimulate rapid recovery from damage.
  • Use a soil that's rich and organic with a high water holding capacity. Adding water storage gels around the base will also help ensure the new roots will not set back.

Featured Plant

  • Pear tree

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