Fabulous Yacon

Story Title: Fabulous Yacon
Episode: 2
Broadcast Date: 9/3/2014
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

When can you find an apple underground? When it's a Yacon of course!
The super tuber you can grow simply from a cutting and it may just change your life.

My Sweet Yacon!

  • Yacon or Ground apple is an underground tuber, the name Yacon means 'water root' in Inca.
  • You may have guessed that the Yacon originated from South America.
  • The Inca name gives some insight into the taste and texture of the Yacon, it's very juicy a little like a very fine sorbet in texture but crunchy like an apple and depending your opinion, taste a little like sweet early apples, watermelon, a very mild celery and pear.
  • These tubers contain inulin a natural sugar that human stomachs can't easily break down, making it low in calories. Inulin also aids digestion and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, while inhibiting toxic bacteria. These incredible tubers are also found to be high in antioxidants.
  • It's best to grow tubers in a sunny location where they will grow much bigger.
  • The Yacon is eaten raw, gets sweeter in storage, and would make an interesting addition to a salad or boost up homemade juice blends for a health kick.