Shirley's Vertical Gardens

Story Title: Shirley's Vertical Gardens
Episode: Eight
Broadcast Date: 3rd November 2012
Presenter: Shirley Bovshow

Are you an apartment dweller with a green thumb? Or simply don't have a big backyard? Well, you can still grow tasty edibles in your limited space using Shirley's great tips.

There's nowhere to go but up!

  • Grab yourself some cheap PVC piping and cut circular holes along the tubing. Once done, paint the pipe so it looks more aesthetically pleasing and plant strawberries, herbs or salad greens in each hole. For a more detailed guide click here
  • Using a tomato cage as a base for a living spice rack is an affordable and space efficient way to have fresh herbs. Simply tie the herb baskets to the cage and plant your favourite herbs.
  • The tomato cage will result in a four tier vertical gardening system that will sit comfortably on your balcony or courtyard without taking up too much space.