Seasol-Does it work?

Title: Seasol-Does it work?
Episode: 8
Broadcast Date: 20/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

You may have notices Seasol gets used a lot by out presenters on The Garden Gurus. It lends itself to many different gardening situations. We get questions all time time about whether it is actually that good, and the answer is, yes! It’s really important to use it in your garden, and Trevor tells us why.

  • Seasol utilizes the bull kelp that is washed up on the beaches of King Island.
  • The exact formula of Seasol remains a closely held secret but a lot of the magic lies with a form of bull kelp called Durvillea Pototorum that originates from deep within the cold waters of Bass strait. Individual plants can get up to 8 meters or so in length and each weighs as much as 200kg per plant. It’s estimated this type of kelp has a life span of about 14 years.
  • The alginate from this kelp is being used in medicine around the world for treatments from eye medicines to tumor treatments, and what it does for home gardens many people rave about too.
  • Promoting amazing root growth is one of this product’s major strengths
  • When a plant is stressed and suffering because of heat damage, drying out or even frosts, an application of Seasol is well known to bring the plants around quickly and get them growing well.
  • You can use Seasol all over the garden right now, as the soil moisture levels are up, it will mean it will have best effect
  • If you are looking for specific fixes, patches in lawns is a great use, particularly if it’s through water stress drying the lawn out in summer.
  • It is also great for use on potted plants. During summer the roots against the walls of the pot, which is were they grow naturally, end up getting burnt. You can imagine a pot on a hot day super heating and literally cooking those roots. This will stimulate rapid recovery getting them growing again. That's why we recommend you apply Seasol now.