Baileys Pyramid herb planter

Episode: 5
Title: Baileys Pyramid herb planter
Broadcast: 20 September
Presenter: Trevor

Here is a fantastic project if you don’t have a lot of room in your garden. This multi-tiered planter we created using some old decking. The whole idea is proving different levels of platforms for growing herbs.

  • Herbs are incredibly productive plants, so a premium potting mix is essential. Baileys have been making the best for 85 years their ingredients contain grosorb and it is a waterwise approved product.
  • The trick with planting a pyramid planter is using compact growers on top like thyme and dwarf nistertions and spreaders down below such as oregano and mint.
  • This is a space efficient way to plant, the planter we used was a square meter, but in this case we actually have 12 plants in one row, more than you’d ever get planting straight into the ground.
  • We ended up with have 40 herbs growing in our planter… it’s the most water efficient way as well because water can trickle down through the many levels of the planter. Because of the right potting mix it will be sensational from day one.

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