Laurus Flavour Master & Laurus Baby Bay

Story Title: Laurus Flavour Master & Laurus Baby Bay
Episode: 5
Broadcast Date: 20th April 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows us his plant of the week; it won't take up much space but it sure is full of flavor.

A Delicious Addition To Any Winter Stew

  • Bay Trees are a wonderful addition for any herb garden but you need a bit of room, as they will grow to 10 metres. However if you don't have 10 metres to spare try this new compact bay selection
  • The Laurus Flavour Master is a quick growing bay tree and grows to 1.8 metres
  • It's perfect for small gardens because of its column shape and is best planted in a nice pot placed in a warm sunny position
  • Another option is Baby Bay which has the same compact habit but grows to 2.0 metres

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