Massive Veggies

Story Title: Massive Veggies
Episode: 6
Broadcast Date: 27th April 2013
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Kim shows you a slow release fertiliser that increases microbial activity in your soil…and you only have to apply it once every 6 months

Veggie Facts

  • Soil is very important in producing healthy plants
  • Organic matter such as compost, soil conditioners and well aged manures worked into the ground is a great start towards improving the health of your soil
  • Organic matter contains a range of nutrients essential for plant growth which also attracts earthworms
  • Plants, including herbs and veggies, can't access the nutrients in this organic matter straight away, they need help from microbes to constantly break down this organic matter into easily accessible plant nutrients
  • Troforte fertilizers concentrate on making soils healthy first, by combining over 20 beneficial soil microbes with 62 essential minerals into small, organic polymer coated prills
  • The prills are activated as soon as they touch moist soil, releasing the microbes and nutrients straight away
  • Now is the time to be planting veggies and herbs including broad beans, carrots, onions, cabbage, mustard greens, oregano, parsley and peas

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