Citrus Trees in Pots

Story Title: Citrus Trees in Pots
Episode: Nine
Broadcast Date: 19/10/2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you've always wanted your own citrus tree at home but haven't had the room then this week's containerology lesson is for you. Using a gorgeous self watering pot and dwarf citrus trees you'll be making lemonade in no time!

A New Home For Fruit Trees

  • The self-watering pot has a water well that reaches the soil acting like a wick pulling water up around the plant roots a terrific way to water plants over a long period of time
  • The Georgian is a stylish pot with a contemporary style making it ideal for a patio or balcony and comes in an array of colours
  • The potting mix you use is critical to the success of your plant. Coco Peat is a wonderful potting mix that retains moisture but it needs to have a slow release fertiliser added to it to activate essential nutrients and minerals
  • Place your pots in full sun to get the best fruiting results. Water with Seasol to help settle your plants into their new home and again with Power Feed for the first 6 months on a fortnightly basis to get the best results
  • The Dwarf Fruit Trees will produce flowers quickly and follow with fruit.
  • Trevor's tip - pick the fruit off so it can develop a huge frame, this will make room to hold great crops and will develop a great root system to support the development of the fruit properly
  • The Décor Self-Watering range is available in Australia from your local Bunnings store

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