Paddock to Plate

Episode: 8
Title: Paddock to Plate
Broadcast: 11th October
Presenter: Trevor

  • One of the most exciting things about Auckland is that the food culture there has just taken off.
  • Auckland is a very big produce region, the food markets are very multicultural, very bright and produce incredibly fresh produce.
  • Auckland’s markets supplies a very large amount of produce just outside of the city region, about a third of the vegetables come outside of the Auckland region.
  • Produced on Volcanic soils, making the perfect ground conditions for very fertile food.
  • The food has also evolved from the markets straight into the restaurant culture, many of the restaurants are very trendy and some of the locally made food is exported directly to these restaurants.
  • Ortolona, one of these restaurants, is owned by a group who owns a farm out in West Auckland, producing their own vegetables and their own fruit.
  • Not only do they produce their own fruit and vegetables, they own their own butchery, creating beautiful dishes like Pork Sausage and Terakihi, a native New Zealand fish.
  • People can come and experience Auckland’s amazing food and get a tour at the same time, visiting cafes and the famous food markets just outside of the city region.