The Latest in Home Gardening Help

Story Title: The Latest in Home Gardening Help
Episode: 5
Broadcast Date: 20th April 2013
Presenter: Susannah Wilson

Susannah discovers a great fertiliser that is perfect for your veggie garden.

Fertiliser Features

  • This fertiliser is packed full of beneficial microbes and minerals and is produced by an Australian owned family business.
  • It has addressed the environmental impacts of excess fertiliser leaching into water tables and rivers by ensuring the amount released is what the plant can actually absorb
  • It caters for all garden types and releases nutrients bit by bit so a single application will last your garden 4 months
  • The nutrients can be easily converted by the microbes and absorbed by the plants daily
  • An extra application just prior to fruiting will ensure your plants receive sufficient nutrients to match the volume of fruit being produced

Featured Product
Troforte M Vegetable and Herb

Ph: (08) 9302 1633