How to grow your own plants

Story Title: How to grow your own plants
Episode: 7
Broadcast Date: 04th May 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor demonstrates how to save a fortune this autumn by growing your own plants using cuttings.

Steps to Grow Your Own

  • Taking cuttings from plants like blueberries or raspberries in Autumn will see them drop roots and be ready for planting in spring
  • The Aquamiser system is an Australian invention that is perfect for housing the cuttings and stimulating growth
  • Fill the pots with activated coco peat and place your cuttings in the pots
  • Label the pots accordingly
  • Put the plastic covers on and keep the vents closed for a week before opening them up half way
  • Place the pots on the special tray with sponge mats so they always have water and keep them in a bright, rain protected environment
  • Connect the sponge felt with water using a water bottle
  • You can produce hundreds of plants this way and save thousands of dollars
  • You can pick up this great propagation kit at