New Microbes on the Block

Story Title: New Microbes on the Block
Episode: 7
Broadcast Date: 04th May 2013
Presenter: Melissa King

Mel visits trade day at the Caribbean Markets where she asks the growers what they look for in the perfect fertilizer.

Fertiliser Features

  • The growers are looking for the right balance of nutrients in their fertiliser
  • For years on company has been developing a fertiliser that focuses on the microbes being put back into the soil to ensure the health of the soil
  • Through careful selection and research the company have been able to develop a product that enables the microbes to be attached to the fertiliser and released when activated through watering
  • There are 24 to 30 different microbes ready to go as soon as moisture is applied to the fertiliser
  • 6 different varieties of fertilisers for particular plant groups have been developed and to find out the one that best suits your needs click here

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