Screening Gardens

Story Title: Screening Gardens
Episode: Three
Date: March 20th 2010
Presenter: Matthew Leacy

Privacy is a big issue for a lot of people and it seems that the automatic response to unwanted views or nosy neighbours is to plant a tree or a hedge to solve the problem, now this is all well and good but don't let the imagination stop there. There is a plethora of ways to avert the eye.

Featured Product

  • Screens come in all shapes and sizes: Laser cut steel, fibreglass, aluminum, plastic, terracotta, reeds, bamboo, compressed sheeting, PVC - the list goes on and on.
  • Handmade hardwood timber louvers look fantastic and when used correctly they give a real sense of relaxation. Louvre's can be fixed or moveable depending on the situation. Here they are fixed and aiming down because this is a bedroom so you can see out but not in so they allow the light in but not the prying eyes of a passerby.
  • To divide the driveway from the front garden and to create a point of entrance into this property I have put in this 40 x 40mm horizontal hardwood screen. Using 40 x 40mm slats gives the screen a real structured, quite architectural look, which is the opposite of, but complimentary to the free flowing grasses planted below it.
  • In an area where room is limited or on a driveway and you want a soft visual divide from the neighbours: If you planted a hedge it would inevitably end up encroaching on to your driveway, making it difficult to open your car door and use the space to its full potential.
  • A great solution that will leave you as the envy of the street is to do what we have done a simple hardwood frame, stainless steel tension wire a vine and some simple up lighting, which accentuates and highlights the entrance to the property, and as you can see, all this only takes up about 150mm - and - if you do happen to hit it with the car door the only damage will be losing a few leaves.

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