Building Your Lawns Health Up

Title: Building Your Lawns Health Up
Episode: 5
Date: 25th September
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Did you know, most lawn fertilizers release all nutrients in one week and their effect on the lawn lasts 2 to 3 weeks before more feeding is required.

Did you know? lawn foods with high levels of fast release Nitrogen often do harm to the environment and create unnecessary work for the gardener.

Handy tip; don't overfeed your lawn, follow the instructions and apply using a hand spreader for best results.

Did you know?
The average Australian lawn area is estimated to be 75m2 in our major cities. 40m2 provides enough oxygen for 1 adult per day.

Lawn Builder Plus Organics

  • It has biostimulants to build soil health
  • Includes organics such as fish and kelp
  • Main ingredients are the worlds most popular lawn fertilizer
  • Includes a wetting agent
  • Includes Iron for a shiny lustrous green effect
  • Great for building soils health as well as lawn
  • Average front and back lawn is treated twice by a 8kg pail


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