Ned Kelly

Story Title: Ned Kelly
Episode: 4
Date: 29 January 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

There's nothing more frustrating than hoses that blow off taps or always leak. Trevor features an Australian invention of hose fittings that is ‘Smart Approved Watermark' awarded to help you save water in the garden.

Trevor's Tips and Facts

  • Leaking hoses can waste as much as 20 litres a minute.
  • All approved smart watermark products and services are independently verified for water savings by an expert technical panel.
  • 400,000 people have experienced the Hoselink ‘Ned Kelly Starter Kit' success.
  • The Ned Kelly starter kit from Hoselink is now sold all around the world including the USA and UK.

Featured Product

Ned Kelly Starter Kit

  • Specially designed to stop leaks for good.
  • The unique locking system is incredibly strong.
  • Hoselink fittings are extremely durable and will solve your leaking and bursting problems.


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