Off Peak Tariffs

Story Title: Off Peak Tariffs
Episode: 1
Date: 11 December 2010
Presenter: Anne Armansin and Kim Syrus

Power bills have risen and we all have to be a little more vigilant in the way we use power, Anne and Kim show us how you can save on energy bills by simply using power at different times of the day.

Electricity tariff alternatives

  • All homes are connected to peak power, which is available 24 hours a day.
  • Because off peak power is available for limited times during the day and appliances need to be directly hard wired to the off peak meter the energy price is around 40% lower than peak pricing
  • Check your bill to see if you're already connected to an off peak tariff.
  • Off peak rates vary between the states
  • Ideal appliances for direct connection to off peak supply include
    • Suitably sized storage electric hot water systems
    • Storage heaters
    • Swimming pool filters
    • Water bed heaters
    • Rarely used storage freezers
  • Victoria and New South Wales have a Time of Use tariff.
    • This requires a special meter installation to register all household power used during peak and off peak times.
    • You can benefit from the Time of Use tariffs by using energy hungry appliances during off peak times when pricing is cheaper.
    • An installation fee of approximately $170 applies and you must call us to request any change in tariff arrangements.

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