Edible Flowers

Episode: 3
Title: Edible Flowers
Broadcast: 28th March
Presenter: Kim

Flowers of all hues and forms adorn our gardens, creating interest and colour. Not only are birds and bees drawn to their delectable nectar, many flowers are also part of a re-emerging trend and finding their way into our food. Kim shows what flowers you can add to your cooking.

  • Calendula, also known as poet’s marigold or pot marigold, is a daisy-like flower that is used to flavour butter and cheese. It can be used for vegetable dishes, egg salad, pudding, herb butters and soups.
  • You can eat squash blossoms raw. Stuff them with any soft cheese like ricotta, mozzarella, or cream cheese, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • The amaranth plant can make amazing fairy popcorn.
  • Nasturtiums atop salad, stuff them with herbed cream cheese or fold them into omelets for a peppery punch.
  • Many flowers can be eaten, just make sure the flowers were grown organically without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Remove the pistils and stamens and thoroughly wash the flowers before eating.