Natives in Pots

Story Title: Natives in Pots
Episode: Ten
Broadcast Date: 26th October 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you've never thought about putting gorgeous flowering natives into pots then you certainly will now.

A Native Way of Potting

  • The best type of pot to use for planting natives is a self watering pot They hold moisture deep in the base of the pot encouraging these plants to grow deep root systems and ensuring they don't stress through extreme drying out
  • For a stunning effect pick 3 different varieties of natives - a tall growing kangaroo paw and a low bushy shrub and then a cascading flowering variety like scaevola for a gorgeous look
  • Self watering pots are a brilliant way to grow plants and ensure you 1: don't waste water through it spilling from pots onto pavers and 2: ensures your plants always have moisture available to their roots. This lasts days which is great if your heading off on summer holidays because the chance of you getting home to plants looking great instead of water stressed is so much better
  • The Décor Self-Watering range is available in Australia from your local Bunnings store

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