Magnificent Magnolias

Story Title: Magnificent Magnolias
Episode: Five
Date: 3rd April 2010
Trevor Cochrane

Magnolias make beautiful additions to any garden and Trevor showcases a special Magnolia that is ideal for smaller gardens, the Magnolia Kay Parris.

Featured Plant
Magnolia Kay Parris

  • Evergreen Bull Bay Magnolia as its known is not ideal in smaller gardens because it gets so big around 20 m x 15 metres. In recent times we've seen new cultivars arrive and Coolwyn Nurseries brought in Little Gem which has been widely taken up by home gardeners.
  • Little Gem has brown fine hairs under the leaf and lovely dark glossy top foliage. The flowers are produced throughout the year and have a citrusy spicy fragrance that is very appealing. The trouble is they grow 10m + in a more upright habit which is still not ideal in smaller gardens.
  • Coolwyn Nurseries sought out an improved form that would be ideal for smaller gardens - Kay Parris. Kay Parris is a beautiful evergreen tree that grows in the range of 6 to 9 metres so it's much more suited for home garden environments. It has massive creamy white flowers throughout the year and the fragrance is delicious.
  • As the Kay Parris flower finishes it develops a fruit full of highly ornamental red seeds, the plant then produces three to five shoots around the flower head. This constant branching habit makes the tree dense and bushy. The bushier it gets the more flowers it produces.
  • If you want a compact evergreen shade tree with luscious creamy white blooms that have a heady citrusy fragrance the new name to look out for is Kay Parris.

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Magnolia  Kay Parris