How to create a Succulent terrarium

Episode: 5
Title: How to create a Succulent terrarium at home
Broadcast: 20 September
Presenter: Trevor

Here’s another project we are sure you will love. Its an indestructible indoor planter for a bright well lit position in the house. We picked this terrarium up from Ikea, its was a steal at under $30.00.

  • Terrariums are the perfect place to grow a whole range of plants including sensitive forest floor flowerers like African violets or those amazing carnivorous plants like sundews and Venus fly traps but if your not upto the challenge of a sensitive plant maybe a super hardy option will be the go for you.
  • We are referring to incredibly hardy succulents of course and if you're a little forgetful when it comes to watering succulents will forgive you when most other plants won’t.
  • There’s an amazing array of differing succulents for home gardens and they can be easily grown by cutting so you can do this yourself without costs..
  • Its important to remember Terrariums can be created from bottles too which could mean this project costs absolutely nothing but the key to success is a sandy well drained soil and only watering small amounts at any time, these containers have no drainage so a wet and dry approach to watering has to be applied carefully.
  • Apply the soil, a cactus and succulent mix is good although a normal potting mix, mixed a coarse river sand is also fine. A red tick will always have some nutrients in it which is important for all plants.
  • If you have tube stock to plant, knock the soil away from the roots gently and carefully plant in their new home.
  • Firm down and water after you have planted all the succulents.
  • The occasional feed with a plant food like Flourish over the foliage and a controlled release plant food that feeds over 6 months like Troforte will help enormously.


Trevor made this terrarium in the grounds of the beautiful Araluen Botanic Park: