Quick Drill

Story Title: Quick Drill
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 21st October 2012
Presenter: Kim Syrus

There are plenty of times when we need to dig a hole in the garden, maybe you're putting up a fence, building a pergola or installing posts for a plant support. There are a number of ways to dig a hole, but Kim shows you a beaut new way to get the job done without breaking your back the Fiskars QuickDrill.

Post hole digger of the future

  • Two specially angled boron steel blades, secured around a sharp drill spike, easily work their way into the ground without the usual jamming especially in stony soil or around plant roots.
  • The standard hole size for this model is 15 centimeters, however if you're wanting a larger 20 centimeter or maybe a smaller 10 centimeter hole, then just grab an allen key and change the blades over.
  • Constructed of a durable steel shaft and fiberglass compound handle, the QuickDrill is incredibly strong and, unlike traditional post hole diggers, you don't have to wait until the base ring fills before lifting. You simply pull out any soil you can physically manage to lift anytime. This makes it easier on your back, arms and shoulders.

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