An introduction to Cloudehill

Episode: 8
Title: An introduction to Cloudehill
Broadcast: 11 October
Presenter: Melissa

There are few gardens that no matter what time of year you visit take your breath away. Cloudehill at the top of The Dandenongs is one of those special places.

  • It’s not just a garden that’s steeped in history it’s constantly evolving and changing with the seasons, so every time you visit there is something new to discover.
  • When the current owner Jeremy Francis and bought the property in 1992 he was faced with a wonderful and challenging scenario – to create the garden of his dreams within the historic framework of over 100 years of planting.
  • If you’re going to establish a garden you’d want it to be here in the lush, moist soils of the Dandenongs with a view like this.
  • Today the garden is a maze of stonewalls and spectacular garden rooms all set within woodlands of historic, cool climate trees.
  • In spring it’s the bulb meadows that take centre stage followed by tree peonies, lilacs, magnolias and spectacular rhododendrons – and that’s just to name a few things.
  • But the real highlight for Mel are the stunning herbaceous borders which are show stopping through the warmer months. 
  • It’s hard to summarise a garden this good in such a short amount of time, so if you’d like to know more about the history and development of this stunning garden Jeremy has written a book called Cloudehill – a year in the garden, which is jam packed with inspirational gardening stories. 

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