Scotts Osmocote plus organics fertiliser and potting mix

Episode: 3
Title: Scotts Osmocote plus organics fertiliser and potting mix
Broadcast: 28th March
Presenter: Trevor

One of the smarter innovations to be introduced to the home gardener in the past decade has been the idea of mixing controlled release and slow release plant foods. Trevor shows how this steady stream of mineral and organic nutrients not only improve the soils health, but also increases the micro and macro nutrients.

  • Osmocote is world famous for its steady delivery of a complex range of nutrients for plants.
  • The idea is that nutrients can stream into the soil at a rate that plants can consume, so there’s no leaching of nutrients beyond the plants roots.
  • Slow release plant foods are different in the sense that they are organic in nature. It uses a blend of manures, fish waste and humates to build the soil’s health up, supply nutrients organically and improve the plants’ overall health and growth at exactly the same time as the Osmocote does its job.
  • More recently, the clever people at Scotts have turned this into a potting mix as well, allowing the same combination of nutrients and rich organic potting soil to transform your pot-plant’s performance.

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