Solar Power

Episode: One
Date: 18th April (19th in WA)
Story: Solar Power
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor gets a solar energy power system installed and can now enjoy the effect it has on the power generation in the home.

Featured Product: Avant Solar

  • Avant Solar specialise in grid connected systems and guarantee quality installations.
  • An Avant fitted solar system will add value to your home.
  • Produce your own clean electricity, free from the sun.
  • Fitting a solar system will save the environment Co2 emissions and you can become part of the solution to climate change.
  • WA owned and operated business with friendly accredited designers and installers.
  • Avant strive to provide the best product with the best service and peace of mind quality installations.
  • Avant Solar can design a solar system to suit your energy requirements.
  • Trevor?s system will save the environment 9 tonnes of Co2 emissions per year. This is equivalent to planting approximately 28 medium sized eucalyptus trees or removing over three cars from the road for a year.
  • Trevor?s system is fitted with the SunPower 225Watt modules that have an industry leading efficiency of 18.1%.
  • We provide a 5 year onsite warranty.
  • Avant has been involved in the renewable energy industry since 2003.
  • Take advantage of existing government rebates but hurry as the current rebate will end June 30th.
  • Fitting an Avant Solar photo-voltaic system means your current electricity bill will be reduced and you will be less affected by future price rises.
  • Avant only use the best panels available, and have chosen SunPower modules for this system to maximise output from roof space available. This is achieved firstly due to their high efficiency?s (meaning they take up less space per system size) and secondly due to their low light performance (meaning they still produce better during low light conditions than competing panels).
  • With predicated power price rises of 300%, why still be reliant on coal fired powered stations when this technology is available. So why not, be self sufficient?

Process of Installation

  • Home/business owner contact Avant Solar for information and pricing.
  • Avant Solar sends out system designers to carry out site visit, discuss individual needs, design system to suit building and deliver quotation.
  • Avant Solar will help with rebate applications and guide customers through process.
  • Avant Solar will apply for connection to supply authority and arrange for a renewable energy buyback scheme application to be sent out.
  • After rebate approval (approx 8 weeks) and connection approval Avant Solar will generally have the system installed and operating within 2 weeks.

Avant Solar
Phone: 1800 617 117
Fax 08 9258 4709
49 Walpole St
St James WA 6102
ABN 71101638 678


Government Rebate
Phone: ?02 6274 1111

Avant Solar