Flower Carpet Roses

Story Title: Flower Carpet Roses
Episode: 8
Broadcast Date: 11th May 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor takes advantage of the cooler months by bringing stunning colour displays using perennials and annuals into the garden.

Colour Display Tips

  • You'll need healthy soil some coco peat activated with Troforte will help boost nutrients and microbial life
  • A nice pot this size will vary but it's nice to have them big enough for plants to spill out over the edge
  • Plants Flower Carpet Roses will provide you with colour for 10 months of the year
  • Flower Carpet Roses are disease resistant, make a stunning flower show and can handle small stints indoors
  • To achieve the 'fill' effect, plant pansies, violas or lobelias
  • To achieve a cascade effect over the edge of the pot, plant scaevola and fan flowers

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