Living Umbrella Stand

Episode: 1
Title: Living Umbrella Stand
Broadcast: 23 August
Presenter:  Trevor

Have you ever wanted to liven up the backyard but keep it practical at the same time? A living umbrella stand is the perfect way to do it.

  • Grab a large pot, it needs to have a square base and squat, it can’t be a tapered pot. It needs to be at least 30cm wide for a 1.5 to 1.8m wide umbrella, larger for a wider umbrella.
  • Measure depth of pot, and cut pipe to extend 15cm above top.
  • Cover drainage holes in pot with screening. Pour in about 1 inch of lava stone and work one end of the pipe into it, centering pipe vertically in the pot. Pour or shovel in remaining lava stone around pipe to hold it in place.
  • Use water from hose to mix concrete in wheelbarrow according to directions on the bag. Shovel 2 to 3 inches of concrete in over lava stone, using hoe to create a slight slope away from pipe.
  • While concrete is still wet, use levels to check that pot is horizontal and pipe is vertical; also hose out wheelbarrow.
  • Cut dowel to six 6-inch lengths and push them vertically into wet concrete at equally spaced intervals around pipe to create drainage holes. Note: Be sure to wiggle the dowels around when the concrete is wet so they'll be easier to remove when it hardens.
  • Let dry overnight; pull dowels out. Use a dolly to move pot to final location before filling with potting mix, make sure it's a top quality potting mix like this, the red ticks are a give away but look for a brand you know you can trust like this. Its been designed to deliver results for professional growers and this is guarantee for your success.
  • Add a selection of plants, plants that flower, look for the thrill fill and spill concept where ever you can,  this will give you a very full lush effect and when the umbrella is down it still looks amazing. It’s another green spot in the garden and will be a great feature, instead of a concrete or heavy steel base.
  • When sliding in the umbrella if the pole your slipping it into is a bit loose Here’s a little tip; add wood shims around pole to keep it vertical.