Controlling chewing insects

Episode: 5
Title: Controlling chewing insects with eco neem
Broadcast: 20 September
Presenter: Trevor

You will have noticed we are trying extremely hard to encourage natural solutions to pest control challenges where ever possible, and this week here is another by OCP.

  • You might already know Neem oil, its derived from the neem tree and therefore 100% organic.
  • The tree originates from trocial areas of india and has been used for 1000 years.
  • The best thing about it, is it is soft on bees, so no matter what you are treating you can fell confident that you aren’t harming any thing whilst removing those unwanted chewers and suckers.
  • It can be sprayed over the foliage or you can drench the ground and this will kill off any soil active pests.
  • Apply now and youll remain on top of those pests for spring. Another brilliant product from the people at organic Crop Protectants.

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