Pool Safety

Story Title: Pool Safety
Episode: Nine
Broadcast Date: 19/10/2013
Presenter: Matt Lacey

Pool safety should be every pool owner's main priority, not just in the swimming season but year round! Matt has some great advice to get your pool ready for use and safe for everyone.

Pool Safety

  • Check that the fence is secure and in good working order. The bottom of the pool fence should be less than 100mm off the ground with no loose screws, panels or palings
  • The outside of the pool fence should be 1.2m high all the way round and the pool gate must close by itself and swing outwards from the pool leaving it free from any bricks, stones or sticks
  • The latch release has to be 1.5m above the ground
  • All chemicals should be out of reach and stored out of the reach of any children. Prevent stacking on top of each other to avoid any spills and the risk of the chemicals combining
  • Ensure your CPR sign is up and visible, but more importantly your family has up to date resuscitation and first aid skills, this could be the difference between an accident and a tragedy