Pest Control

Story Title: Pest Control
Episode: Eight
TX Date: 14th May 2011
Presenter: Chloe Thomson

Helping to prevent rodent infestation in your home, Chloe features an all-new, family and pet friendly range that is sure to amaze you.

Tips and Facts

  • The Big Cheese Bait Stations are a solid plastic design and have a tamper-proof, lockable lid. They are ideal for homes with young children and pets.
  • The Big Cheese Multi-Catch Mouse Trap is made of a galvanized metal design and can catch up to 10 mice in one setting.
  • Sonic Repellers are an effective and proven rodent deterrent 24 hours a day. Omits a continuous output at a swept frequency of 30,000-60,000 hertz. (Human hearing is up to 20,000hertz, cats and dogs up to 27,000Hz and rodents 30,000Hz and above.)
  • Sonic Repellers are suitable for indoor use; it will cover a room up to 37m2.
  • The Advanced Pest Repeller combines Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic action. Electromagnetic pulses through wiring to reach nest sites within walls, ceilings and flooring.
  • Do not use Sonic deterrents in areas occupied by rodent pets like guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils.

Featured Products

  • The Big Cheese Bait Station
  • The Big Cheese Sonic Repellers
  • The Big Cheese Live Catch and Release

Available from Bunnings and leading garden centers.

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