The best flowers for Mother's Day

Story Title: The best flowers for Mother's Day
Episode: Nine
Date: May 1st 2010.
Presenter: Brooke Stanway

Brooke gives us a few tips for the best flowers and their meanings to give your mum for Mothers Day.

Brooke's tips:

  • Each rose colour has a meaning so why not choose some colours to give to your mum that describe what she means to you.
  • Red is for love, white describes a person as pure and heavenly, pink says thank you, dark pink shows appreciation, pale peach means she has modesty and yellow is for friendship. To give red and white roses together means unity, and a single rose in any colour is for gratitude.
  • Carnations are not only inexpensive but they also have a beautifully sweet perfume and are long lasting. To give carnations in general, symbolizes a women's love, which is very appropriate for Mother's Day. White, once again resembles innocence and purity, red is for passion and pink says 'I'll never forget you'.
  • When you want to send the gift of cheer, you can't go wrong with the well known gerberas.
  • A great flower for chocolate loving mums is the award winning hot chocolate Calla Lilly.
  • Try a potted plant. This way your gift lasts longer and your mum will know how much you love her for years to come.
  • A great gift idea for rose lovers or to compliment a potted rose, is 'The Rose' book by Neville and Trevor. 'The Rose' can be found at all leading bookstores or can be purchased on line at The Garden Gurus website:

A special thank you to the Melbourne Wholesale Fruit, Vegetable and Flower market for allowing us to show you all the wonderful flowers seen this episode. Please note: The flower market is not open to the public, so visit your local florist.