Story Title: Repotting
Episode: 2
Broadcast Date: 9/3/2014
Presenter: Kim Syrus

Smaller blocks don’t mean a less exciting garden; potted plants are a great way to brighten up any backyard and ensure you have beautiful foliage all year round. To achieve a great looking potted garden it is important to purchase the right type and shape of pots, and to maintain the plants in them to ensure the longevity of your pots and plants. Autumn is a great time to catch up on any plants that need repotting, and Kim Syrus shows us how.

Potting Mad

  • Shapes of pots are very important-pots that narrow at the top make it almost impossible to remove well-established plants without breaking the pot. Try and go for pots that are straight or that widen at the top.
  • If a plant has been in the pot for over two years, has die-back, exposed roots or a tight mass of rootballs at the base of the pot, it is time to make the change!
  • Here at the Garden Gurus we like to use the best quality potting mix around to care for our plants-this means we use Scott’s Osmocote Professional for all our potting needs.
  • When re-potting your plants, tease out the roots and get rid of anything twisted. Shake off as much old potting mix as you can, tidy up the rootball and add some potting mix to your pot. The next step is to place the plant in the pot, and top up the potting mix around it. A good watering is also a must!