Outdeco Garden Screens

Title: Outdeco Garden Screens
Presenter: Melissa
Episode: 5
Date: 30/3/2014

If you have an area in the garden you are not so fond of; something that you would prefer not to look at every day, then a screen is often a great way of hiding it. Screens can have a dual use in your garden though; they can also be used as a statement or decorative piece.  On the hunt to bring class and style to her garden, Mel has found the perfect screen to add to her makeover, and it comes from Outdeco.

  • Outdeco’s modular garden screens are versatile, easy to install and absolutely stunning
  • Outdeco were the first to develop this product.The screens are manufactured here in Australia from a compressed Eucalyptus Hardwood board.
  • They are made for outdoor use - they’ve got a UV protective coating that prevents the timber from weathering grey - so they are ready to install with no painting required.
  • There are some beautiful patterns to choose from, different colours and 3 levels of privacy, so you canchoose a design to suit your application.There are times when you want a screen to really shield what’s behind it – like for privacy or blocking out an unsightly background. That’s when you turn to a design likeMarakesh pattern with 80% block out and a striking Moroccan style look. (Bungalow and Wooloomai are also top choices).
  • You can even go one step further with a 90% block-out design like Star Anais or Cumulus – both stunning high privacy options.
  • Then there are areas where you want to see a glimpse of what is behind – a hint at the garden beyond or to divide an internal space - that’s where designs like leafstream with 60% block-out really come into their own, with minimum privacy and good light penetration.
  • The screens come in 600x1200mm modules and weigh about 5kg each, so they can be installed by a home handyman or a professional – and they’re easy to cut to size if you need to. They’re also wonderfully versatile in the garden. Think wall decorations, backlit features, utility screens, shade screens, fence extensions, baulastrading, and planter boxes – be creative!
  • Mel has used the Marakesh design for her feature wall and seating, Star Anais to block out unsightly areas and a lantern design to make her little outdoor room shine.
  • $99 per screen. Available nationally through selected stores.