Improving WA Soil with Baileys

Episode: 1
Title: Improving WA Soil with Baileys
Broadcast: 23 August
Presenter: Trevor

Great gardens start with great soil. If you are on the look out for something to give your garden that extra boost this Spring, look no further than a product to improve the soil-we guarantee it will provide you with a healthy, blossoming and long-lasting garden.

  • A good quality soil improver will allow water to drain evenly into the ground.
  • Baileys Soil Improver comes complete with the Australian Standard tick of approval so you know it is great, and safe, to use in your garden
  • Baileys Soil Improver can be put over garden beds and added into the top soil.
  • A whetting agent like Baileys own Grosorb is also an ideal partner to soil improver, as it increases water drainage throughout your garden.
  • When it comes to planting trees, shrubs and other plants from pots into the garden, dig a hole three times larger than the soil mass, and then add the Soil Improver around the outside of the newly planted plant, this encourages roots to grow away from their original pot shape.

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