Garden Tool Maintenance

Episode: 2
Title: Garden Tool Maintenance
Broadcast: 30 August
Presenter: Trevor

Here’s a few quick tips that will keep your garden tool in shape and save you money in the long run because you won’t need to replace them.

  • Secateurs and hedge pruners should be given a sharpen now and running a sharpening stone over the blade moving from inside to out will sharpen the blade keeping it perfect for clean pruning in the future.
  • Oiling the blade is really important too, this makes sure its lubricated and slices cleanly through foliage
  • Axes and maddoxs are the same, sharpening with an axe sharpener will make sure any chopping is much easier and again oiling the cutting blade of the axe will make splitting and chopping wood so much easier.
  • Spades should always be sharpened at the blade as well, running a sharpening stone over them away from the handle will ensure that they cut cleanly into the soil making hard work easy.
  • Any wooden handled tools will benefit from painting the handles with linseed oil now. This oil and a light sanding ensure you don't get splinters when your working hard in the garden.
  • Garden tools are a massive asset but maintaining them makes work easier and reduces costs through replacing tools.