Creating a lush garden with Holman

Episode: 9
Title: Creating a lush garden with ease with the Holman tap timer
Broadcast: 18th October
Presenter: Darren

  • Keeping our West Aussie gardens correctly watered through our blistering summers is critical to the long term health of our garden plants, particularly now that watering requirements of spring planted veggies and herbs is increasing.
  • If they are relying on us to drag out the hose and spend the time to splash water around there’s a fair chance they’ll go thirsty! So a reliable. Automatic system is pretty much essential for success, but not every garden or gardener requires an elaborate multi-station controller and this where a reliable, high quality tap timer comes to the rescue.
  • The Holman 3005 Tap Timer is a great unit for just about any application, it comes with a 20mm or 25mm connection so it’ll fit in any domestic tap and with a straight forward 6 button panel and a large, easy to read LCD Display, it’s child’s play to program.
  • Every garden is different so flexibility in programming is a must have feature and this tap timer has flexibility by the truck load, everything from run times, days of the week and start times are easily managed and of course it can be easily programmed to make sure the gardener is fully compliant with their sprinkler roster days.
  • Battery life can be a real issue with some tap timers and Holmans have addressed that problem with this model, power consumption is very low, particularly on standby mode so a long battery life is ensured.
  • Another great feature is the precise battery life indicator, so knowing when the battery needs changing couldn’t be easier, and it is really reassuring that a flat battery won’t lead to the unit sticking open and wasting water, if there is insufficient battery power to shut the unit down it won’t open in the first place.
  • Reticulations systems do need to be checked and maintained from time to time to look for blocked sprinklers and damaged pipes, as a compromised reticulation system can lead to all sorts of issues in the garden, such as fruit drop on drop citrus trees and crop failure in the veggie patch. This is why a tap timer needs an easy to use manual run system and with the Holmans Tap Timer it’s a simple matter of pressing “Start”, go check the station and press “Stop” to finish.
  • Engaging the ‘Rain Mode’ is just as easy, press the Rain button and hold 3 seconds and the unit won’t operate until Rain Mode is switched off, that way the sprinklers don’t run when they don’t need to.
  • Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the mild spring weather, summer is on its way and reliable reticulation is essential to make sure our gardens stay lush, green and healthy right through the hottest months, especially our lovingly tended veggie and herb crops, protect them from dehydration and death by installing a Holmans Digital Tap Timer and you can have absolute confidence that your retic will be doing the vital job it was designed for.

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