Seasol for a dying tree

Episode: 1
Title: Seasol for a dying tree
Broadcast: 23rd August
Presenter: Kim

At the Garden Gurus, we love to hear about your gardens and help out when problems arise. We also love to visit viewers gardens when we can, especially when it’s a real SOS, like the email we recently received from Jeanette in White Gum Valley, Western Australia.

  • Jeanette seems to be losing mature trees and is really worried about saving the remaining ones in her yard.
  • Kim starts off by inspecting for damage, with no real sign as to what is going wrong, the only thing he can do is try and give it a boost. Olives are resilient so there is every chance this tree need just a little tonic
  • He is trying to get this tree back to brilliant by treating it above and below the ground, and Seasol is the best tonic to apply.
  • Make sure you apply it at drip zone of the tree.
  •  Regular applications of Seasol reinvigorate root growth, and should go a long way to saving this tree