Energy Efficient Pumps

Story Title: Energy Efficient Pumps
Episode: Eight
Broadcast Date: 12th October 2013
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Having your own pool is a luxury many people dream of, but the reality is it can be expensive to maintain a pool. Energy efficient pumps are leading the charge in reducing the amount of money spent on maintenance

Practical Pumps

  • An eco pump will run on the speed most suitable for the use of the pool. So in winter it will be on a low setting but in summer it can be set to high. This is far more energy efficient then your traditional pumps that only have the one setting
  • When purchasing an eco pump ensure that it comes with an 8 star energy rating otherwise you could end up with a pump similar to your current model
  • Not running your pool pump flat out all year has the potential to save you up to $800 a year so it is certainly a worthwhile investment!