Watering a large garden with a retractable hose

Episode: 6
Title: Watering a large garden with a 20m retractable hose.
Broadcast: 27th September
Presenter: Nigel

The problem with a lot of garden hoses is that they kink easily, get tangled up and knotted and caught up on furniture and whatever else is in their path including your precious plants often damaging them.

  • Holmans Retractable Hose comes with different sizes, including large gardens, ranging from 20m and 30m hoses to make watering a much larger garden much easier.
  • Mounting the unit is fairly straightforward, it can go on a wall or fence in a position of your liking at a range of heights but having a gap of about 150mm between the bottom of the casing and the ground is ideal.
  • The hose comes with a heavy duty mounting bracket and screws, and for masonry mounting, you’ll need the plugs too.
  • Using the hose is easy and takes watering your garden to another level, just pull it out to where you want and then the spring will lock in whilst you water anywhere in the garden.
  • Pots and containers is one of the hose's strengths.
  • If you have a courtyard or balcony garden, pots and wine barrels are a great way to grow edible plants and while a watering system is certainly an option, it can often lead to poly pipe or garden hose being permanently laid across the ground. Wit a retractable hose reel, you can water your plants and rewind  the hose back into a compact casing, keeping these areas neat and tidy.

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