Why Should You Install PV?

Story Title: Why Should You Install PV?
Episode: Eight
Broadcast Date: 12th October 2013
Presenter: Tod Johnston

The fastest growing utility bill at home is the power bill but there is something we can do to reduce it whilst helping the environment at the same time and it's as simple as utilising roof space

Energy Free From The Sun

  • Photovoltaic energy is free from the sun, and here in Australia we're very lucky to have a lot of sunshine
  • To get started you will need 10m2 of roof space as a minimum ideally with a north facing aspect. This is enough to generate 30% of the average Australian household's energy use
  • Your PV system will generate energy during the day light hours and your ultimate goal is to use it to cover all your daytime energy use
  • The ideal roof space for a PV system is one that faces in a northerly direction with a roof pitch of 25-35 degrees in most of parts of Australia.
  • You also have to avoid shading from objects such as buildings, trees, antennas or power lines, which will reduce the effectiveness of your solar panels
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