Feeding your garden

Episode: 6
Title: Feeding your garden
Broadcast: 18th April
Presenter: Steve

Growing strong, healthy plants ultimately depends on the way we feed them. Steve shares his knowledge that enables us to grow our potted plants to perfection.

  • Potting mixes are made of basic organic materials, usually consisting of products such as composted pine bark, sawdust and washed sand. Normally these materials would struggle on their own, but the catalyst for a great potting mix lies in controlled release fertilisers.

  • Each small prill of fertiliser contains a perfect balance of nutrition capable of providing the plants with all the elements they need to grow.

  • Controlled release fertilisers are available in various release rates; for colourful annuals, choose a 3-4month product, for flowering perennials, a 5-6 month release rate applied twice a year is ideal and for the established woody plants, a 9-12 month fertiliser applied once a year is recommended.

  • Slow release fertilisers are good for the garden and for the environment, as they tend to stay exactly where they are need, rather than being washed away into our river systems.